Alberto Cei

Alberto Cei is a psychologist, he took his degree at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and he is professionally licensed in Clinical Psychology.

He has been consulting to corporations, sport professional teams and top level athletes since 1982. He works on programs to coach individuals and groups working in high stressed and competitive contexts to perform up their optimal levels.

His areas of intervention include the identification of the individual and interpersonal skills through a 360° approach, the promotion of an effective leadership and team building, the development of the talents and the readiness to cope with the change.
Alberto Cei made program of individual coaching too for managers of worldwide companies including automotive (Intier Group, Motrol Division), Telecommunication (Ericsson Lab Italy), and other Italian companies. He developed a specific approach to coach on the job the managers to cope with the changes, maintaining an effective management of their teams

In the last 20 years he worked with many Olympic medallists of different sports (volleyball, shooting, sailing, canoeing, fencing) football and volleyball professional teams and top level referees. He has been consultant for the Italian National Olympic Committee for 20 years promoting tools to assess the Olympic athletes. He attended at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens. At the international level he is accredited as one of the well known consultants for mental training of peak performers.

Alberto Cei with Enhanced Performance Systems founded by Robert Nideffer, San Diego, USA, promote in Europe systems to assess the attentional and interpersonal styles of top performers in business and sport and high potentials. These assessments are at the base of the coaching program programmed for them.

He has authors of several books, among these, Mental Training and Coaching alle Nuove Sfide, present specific programs to enhance the performances in pursuing the excellence in sport and business.